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23 October 2016
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Welcome to Courier Facilities Ltd, the facility serving the Courier and Airline Industry in the Heathrow Terminal Area.

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Fast Track Container Service
UKBA rescind the 2 hour rule
    effective 18th July 2011

CIP (11) 42
Reduction in the level of the low value consignment relief from 1st November 2011Read More >>

IATA updates for ICS
    Frequently asked Questions and Answers

CIP (10) 33
Customs information paper regarding non complaince of the export procesureRead More >>

Guidance information
for visitors and staff using Building 578

ICS - Ensure your airline is ready
Links to ICS information and data set required. Read More >>

Latest update from HMRC for reporting imports prior to arrivalRead More >>

Lithium Batteries -
Attached are the current acceptance procedures for lithium batteries through CFLRead More >>

Lithium batteries updated acceptance procedures
for shipping certain lithium batteries

Gary Kendall -
Appointment as Commercial Director by the CFL Board

Customs issue a new CIP on LV Bulking procedures. Also application form to apply is attached.Read More >>

Building 578
Latest update on CFL move and new export processRead More >>

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