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23 October 2016
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Courier Facilities Limited (CFL) is a non-profit making company established by the courier industry to meet its ever-demanding needs. As such, a key objective is to minimise the cost of handling to its customers, whilst still ensuring the highest possible customer service standards in all aspects of product handling.
CFL operates its Export operation on a strictly 'self-help' basis within a security controlled landside zone. This method of self-help operation has proved to be central in the success of the facility, allowing the USER to have control over receipt and despatch of material. This flexible method of operating allows for despatch and control of material to be significantly above the standard offered by cargo transit sheds.
Retrieval times for inbound material average 20-30 minutes from ramp delivery at CFL airside doors, a visit to the CFL web site can advise you of the status of your material

Opened in May 2000, the facility is strategically located in the Central Area of Heathrow, essential for Courier companies to meet the demands of the express/courier industry by maximising full use of late flight close out times. The facility also operates a Container Handling System providing a 15-20 minute retrieval time of import material for general or ERTS collection. Additionally Approved Agents are able to deliver to the CFL container facility units built off site for export, taking full advantage of the late flight close out times.
All handling procedures and method of operating are constantly reviewed to meet the varying needs of the industry.

Our export receipt and despatch system allows for a 60-minute flight cut -off time inclusive of security screening. This method differs to other transit sheds in that Wholesalers/Agents prepare customers material immediately prior to security screening and loading for aircraft despatch. This operation offers the User complete control of a customer’s product whilst enhancing customer service. Additionally the more bags you put through the facility the less it costs you, as an indication the volume we currently move through the facility monthly exceeds 10,000 bags.

If you do not currently use the CFL facility why not contact Tracy to open an account and make full use of the high quality handling services identified above.

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